John Oliver claims it was a 'failure' by Democrats for not doing more to protect Roe v. Wade

On Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Sunday, Oliver opened the show by addressing Friday's Supreme Court decision in which Roe v. Wade were repealed and abortion rights left to the states. Abortion is now illegal in several states and more likely to follow suit.
"What the Supreme Court just did is absolutely devastating," Oliver said. "The message it sends is pretty clear: we don't care if pregnancy kills you. We don't care if you don't want to get pregnant. We don't care about you at all."
Although Democrats clearly oppose the decision, Oliver blamed them for not doing more to stop it.
"There's a lot of understandable anger out there right now, and there are certainly a lot of individuals and institutions who deserve that anger," Oliver said. “We've spoken several times about exactly how we got here. Years of planning by anti-abortion forces and the failure of Democrats to effectively mobilize to stop them.”
While some Democrats have fought back, like liberal district attorneys in red states who have vowed not to enforce abortion bans, others have been criticized for using the situation to raise funds. Overall, Oliver believes the Democrat response has been weak.
"I'm not saying that everything I want from leaders shows anger," Oliver said, "but it was depressing to see so many of them seeing the end of Roe v. Treat Wade with the solemnity of a funeral rather than the urgency of a fucking cardiac arrest.”

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