John Oliver Has Some Horrifying News About What You're Eating Tonight

John Oliver has some news on where America's poultry, pork, and beef come from.
The host of "Last Week Tonight" took a deep dive into how badly workers in the big meat packers are treated - in some cases they wear diapers just to keep them from leaving the line.
He examined how the few large companies that operate most of the country's meat packers have used the system to exploit workers, avoid regulations, and minimize or cover up safety issues. Even when caught, the fines were so small that there was no incentive to change (the average fine for a major security breach was only $ 3,717).
"It can really be cheaper for companies to run an unsafe facility and occasionally pay those fines than it can be for them to create a safe work environment," said Oliver.
He also highlighted an incident last year in which six workers at a JBS plant died of coronavirus, resulting in a fine of just over $ 15,000.
"That fine is 0.00003% of JBS's profits last year," said Oliver. "And if you punish a company for a fraction of a percentage of its profits, don't be surprised if there's still a fraction of the fuck about the welfare of its employees."
Check out his entire segment below:
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