John Oliver Sharpens Vaccine Attack On Tucker Carlson And It's Beautiful

John Oliver's segment on Sunday's vaccine hesitation hit the skeptic Tucker Carlson as a "superspreader". (Check out the entire segment below.)
The host of "Last Week Tonight" showed off a montage of the Fox News personality who was afraid of the recordings in the form of questions that actually have verifiable, reassuring answers.
"It's really strange to see someone host a show on a supposed news network and end every sentence with a question mark," said Oliver. "Especially when the answers to most of these questions are there for anyone who wants to know."
Oliver then focused on a clip from Carlson's show expressing his skepticism about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's guidelines for inner masks for vaccinated people. "So maybe it doesn't work and they just won't tell us," Carlson said in a conspiratorial tone.
Oliver flicked back.
"The CDC is cautious and wants to make sure they don't shed crap on a TV show during a global pandemic like a frozen dinner duke," he snapped. "Anyway, I hope this answers at least one of your bad, bad intentions, Tucker, you crunchy scared baboon."
Oliver cited statistics showing that the U.S. doesn't vaccinate enough people to achieve herd immunity and that reluctant groups like Republicans need to get the vaccine more often.
"The problem is, when people like Tucker ask questions without bothering to answer them, there's a lot of misinformation that people can stumble upon," said Oliver. "Anti-vaccine groups have been waiting for a moment like this to cast doubt."
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