Jon Gruden says ‘we’ll see’ if Raiders face discarded draft pick WR Lynn Bowden Jr. vs. Dolphins

This year didn't go as planned for trainer Jon Gruden and the Raiders. Several factors led to another breakdown in the late season and the team is still eager to claim their eighth win and avoid a losing campaign.
The problems range from quarterback Derek Carr's immediate groin injury to the distant past, such as the defensive end of the Khalil Mack Commercial Stud to begin Gruden's tenure. (Sure, this trade is controversial, but the Raiders' lack of strength in their Front-7 is mightily holding the team back.)
But wait let's not go back that far. Let's go to the start of the 2020 campaign: the draft. The Raiders selected the versatile Lynn Bowden Jr. in the third round to trade him in for the Dolphins before the start of the season. Together with Bowden, they sent a selection for the sixth round and received a selection for the fourth round.
Bowden was wide receiver and quarterback in college in Kentucky, but on one strange move the Raiders tried to run him back. They apparently decided he wasn't very good (character issues were also reported which were rejected by General Manager Mike Mayock) and sent him out of town, talent and all.
Now Bowden is in a hot phase with his new club, contributing to a surprisingly solid campaign for the Dolphins that the Raiders happen to face this Saturday.
Gruden was asked about Bowden by reporters Tuesday, and his answer was short and a bit derogatory.
"Well he has to play because they had some injuries and they are obviously using him in the slot," said Gruden. "They're using some gadget games and we'll see if we see Lynn. I'm happy for him. I'm glad he found a role. But when [Jakeem] Grant was injured, when DeVante Parker was injured, adapt as we have to adapt. "
Okay, Bowden was a little buried on the depth map. But he's been spotted in a big way, and his recent success makes the Raiders' brass look a little incompetent. Especially considering what Las Vegas got from the draft picks, it decided to keep it.
Check out these stats from Raiders Wire's Levi Damian.
Because of the ridiculousness above, the Raiders look incredibly short-sighted to say the least. This season is going down the drain again and Las Vegas is likely to see one of their failed trains up close this weekend. There is still time to salvage the remnants of the campaign and take the eighth win, and Gruden should do it better so that such mistakes are lost in the shuffle rather than staring at him on game day.

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