Jon Stewart on Black Lives Matter Protests: ‘Every Advancement Toward Equality Has Come With the Spilling of Blood’

Former Daily Show presenter Jon Stewart believes that the protests against Black Lives Matter that have broken out in the United States in recent weeks could increase accountability due to the increasing size and intensity of these rallies after George Floyd's death .
"Could be. Look, any progress towards equality is associated with the shedding of blood. Then when that is over, the group's readiness to defend themselves has carried out the oppression," Stewart told New York Times Magazine in a Monday published interview. "There is always the reluctant feeling that black people are granted something when the whites are unable to live up to the defining words of the birth of the country that is the problem." The difference in our system will not Chris Rock used to do a lot: "No white man wants to change places with a black man. They don't even want to change places with me, and I'm rich." There is no white person out there who wants to be treated like a successful black person in this country. And if we don't deal with the why of this treatment, the how is just a window decoration. "
Stewart added: "You know, we are in a bizarre time of quarantine. White people lasted six weeks and then stormed a state building with guns and shouted:" Give me freedom! This causes economic hardship! I will not wear a mask because that's tyranny! "That's six weeks versus 400 years in which a race of people is quarantined. Police work is a problem, but the least. We use the police as a substitute to quarantine these racial and economic inequalities so we don't have to deal with them. "
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Stewart has largely moved completely out of the entertainment industry since leaving The Daily Show in Trevor Noah's hands in 2015, except that he had a handful of appearances in Stephen Colbert's Late Show and a lawyer for various political purposes, which he supports. He is now reappearing to promote the political satire "Irresistible," a film written and directed by Stewart that comes out in the midst of a pandemic and the resurgence of #BLM protests (a situation that Stewart sees as "a plane crash with a chocolate "compares bar").
Former Comedy Central late night presenter told NYT Magazine that Floyd's murder in Minneapolis police officers on Memorial Day was part of a “cycle” and “in some ways the problem is that we're wrong tackle problem. "
"We continue to do it through the police - how to do it. How can you proceed with the police? Is it about awareness and de-escalation training and community police? All of this can result in a less outrageous relationship between the police and the colored people. But the how is not as important as the why we never address, ”said Stewart. “The police are a reflection of a society. They are not an alien villain organization that wanted to torture the black community. They enforce segregation. The segregation is legally over, but has never ended. The police are, in a sense, a border patrol, and they patrol the border between the two Americas. We have that so the rest of us don't have to worry about it. Then this situation breaks out and we express our shock and indignation. But if we don't deal with the agony of a people, the pain of being a people who have built this country through forced labor, people say, "I'm tired of everything that is racial." Imagine how hard it is to live this. "
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Stewart says, "Police brutality is an organic offshoot of the dehumanization of these power structures."
“Authority will always have consequences. Giving someone a badge and a weapon creates their own problems, and there is no question that these problems can be addressed with greater accountability, ”he added. "It may be true that you can appreciate and admire the contribution and sacrifice that a law enforcement officer or paramedic needs in this country, and yet believe that standards and accountability should exist. Both can be true. But I still believe that the root of this problem lies in the society we create, which contains this schism, and we are not dealing with it because we have outsourced our accountability to the police. "
Read the original Jon Stewart story about protests against Black Lives Matter: "Any progress towards equality is associated with bloodshed" at TheWrap

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