Joni Ernst, who accused doctors of inflating Covid deaths for money, criticised for jumping vaccine queue

File picture: Ernst received her first shot of Covid-19 as people point out that many in the healthcare sector are waiting in line
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Joni Ernst, an Iowa Senator who had spread conspiracy theories about doctors inflating coronavirus deaths, faced a strong backlash online after posting a photo of herself taking the Covid-19 surge on Sunday received.
The 50-year-old Republican shared the picture she was wearing a mask when a doctor injected her first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. She wrote: "Today I received the first dose of the vaccine # Covid19 on the recommendation of the doctor's office."
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In subsequent tweets, she said, “I encourage all Iowans and Americans to do the same when their time comes. Thanks to #OperationWarpSpeed ​​and the tireless work of Americans across the country, we've come one step closer to fighting this virus. "
"It is also important that we continue to wear a mask, maintain social distance and follow CDC guidelines to protect our families, friends and neighbors," Ms. Ernst wrote.
However, people soon raised concerns that the Senator would take precedence over frontline workers and seniors. People also mocked her over a comment made earlier this year suggesting that doctors exaggerate coronavirus statistics in an attempt to make more money.
The author Kurt Eichenwald wrote: “Why Joni? Doctors lie about death for money. I know because you told us. How many people did you kill with your lies, Joni? As someone who lost his family to Covid while your lies are helping to spread them, I sincerely hope that you burn in hell for what you have done. "
Another Twitter user, Susan B, wrote: “If the virus is a joke, why do all naysayers like Joni Ernst make sure they get their vaccines before the country? GOP base wake up! "
Author Greg Olear asked, "Does it also immunize you from hypocrisy?"
A democratic supporter, Jana Lynne Sanchez, wrote and mocked Ms. Ernst: “Oh, good. I was really concerned that all of these indoor maskless super-spreader events might be bad for you. "
Another Twitter user, Stephanie Lanz, said, “You said doctors make money from this virus. People stopped coming to their doctors because you said that. People threatened healthcare workers because of what you said. People died because of what you said. "
Academic and author Marc Lamont Hill wrote, “Your lies and misrepresentations about Covid have contributed to the astronomical and partially preventable death toll in this country. And now you can skip the vaccination line and face the same vulnerable people who were put at risk by your actions. Disgusting."
In September of this year, Ms. Ernst said during a campaign, "These healthcare providers and others will be reimbursed at a higher rate if Covid-19 is tied to it. So what do you think they are doing?"
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), frontline health workers, seniors and high-risk patients are the priority group for early inoculation of the coronavirus vaccine. Doctors present at Congress have strongly advised politicians to take the bump, but questions have been raised as to whether politicians should come first to get vaccinated.
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