Jordan tears into DOJ officials for hostility to Meadows' election fraud inquiries

Republican MP Jim Jordan on Tuesday convicted a senior Justice Department official for rejecting attempts by then-President Donald Trump's then-chief of staff to get officials to investigate multiple election fraud allegations as his presidency ended.
"That's a problem," said Jordan. "When the chief of staff of the President of the United States asks someone in the executive branch to do something and they basically point the finger, I think that's the problem we should be investigating."
Jordan (R-Ohio) also charged former acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen of disobedience and defended Meadows' actions.
Jordan said he was particularly concerned about news in which Rosen told a MP he would call off Meadows after the chief of staff asked Jeffrey Clark, the chief of the Civil Division, in Fulton County, Georgia, "allegations of peculiar match -Anomalies "to be investigated.
"Can you believe that? I will not reply to the message below," Rosen wrote to then Assistant Attorney General Richard Donoghue.
Jordan's attack came at a House Oversight Committee hearing hours after it released emails documenting the Justice Department's response to Trump's White House efforts to prosecute allegations of election fraud when the outgoing president refused to accept the Recognize the legitimacy of his loss to Joe Biden.
The records include emails asking Meadows to watch investigators watch a YouTube video by a former intelligence official who alleged that people in Italy secretly changed votes in US elections via satellite.
"Sheer madness," Donoghue wrote in response to an email Meadows sent on New Year's Day about the Italy Theory, one of several emails Jordan quoted.
Other emails released by the Oversight Committee indicated that Rosen was not alone in his skepticism about the allegations advanced by Trump's allies and that the acting attorney general vigorously denied efforts to involve the Justice Department.
One of the former president's vocal allies, Jordan, said Meadows' pleas were no different from those routinely received by government aides.
"Every chief of staff, I bet, because we all send the same letters and emails every day," said Jordan.
Jordan apparently rejected the notion that Meadows' efforts were inadequate.
"Mark Meadows is putting a lot of pressure on people and says, 'Can you look at this allegation,'" said Jordan.
"Impressive. There's a lot of pressure there," he said elsewhere.
While Jordan harshly criticized the reaction of Rosen and other Justice Department officials, the Ohio Republican neglected the White House's longstanding policy of restricting White House officials such as Meadows and Justice Department officials over certain investigations.
Trump's first White House attorney, Don McGahn, issued a memo in January 2017 that said, "The President, Vice-President, Presidential Attorney, and Assistant President's Attorney are the only people in the White House who have a Conversation with the DOJ about a specific case or investigation. "
The memo states that other officials may be involved in such contacts after they are approved by the attorney's office.
Josh Gerstein contributed to this report.
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