Jordin Sparks opens up about Black Lives Matter, Kaepernick and fears for her family: 'I can't be silent about this'

Jordin Sparks recently released a performance of her powerful ballad "Unknown" (from her new EP released this week) on Instagram, which was already recorded in February, but has gained more emotional weight during the growing Black Lives Matter movement.
"With everything that has just happened in our nation, with Breonna Taylor - for whom they still have to burden these bulls - and Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd and with everything that has happened, and people with color and black are still hurting That has taken on a different meaning just because things are unknown, ”Sparks told Yahoo Entertainment.
Scrolling through Spark's Instagram feed and stories shows frequent BLM posts, including homages to George Floyd and Colin Kaepernick, as well as videos of their march at their first BLM protest in Los Angeles. It's an activist tone that might surprise some fans of the now 30-year-old singer, who was first brought to the public via the historically conservative talent show American Idol. Sparks was only 17 years old at the time and was the youngest idol winner of all time. Until recently, she was relatively calm about politics. But she says now is the time for her and for everyone to be loud.
"I've always had this feeling. I've always wanted to say something, but I don't have it. And for these reasons, they don't even make any sense. At this point, they're just excuses. But I finally had a moment when I said: "I do not care. I don't care, ”explains Sparks. "And so I really had to get in touch with myself and say:" There is someone who sits all over the country and sees this comment and he does not agree with me. Will that stop me from actually talking about what's right? “… The fear that my husband will leave [the house] and may not come back, the fear that people will see my son as so adorable and cute right now, but in a few years I might see him as a threat, I have to talk about that . "
Sparks says it was the video of Floyd's murder and crying with her husband Dana Isaiah ("a golden, cute black man who would never hurt a fly"), which was a moment of no return for her. "We were both so emotional about what happened and what happened to the blacks in this country, and it was just time," she recalls.
Seeing Floyd calling for his mother in the shocking video was particularly heartbreaking for Sparks as a mother. "I now have a son who is also considered black in this world, although he is lighter and has blue eyes. ... I mean, if that were Dana or [my son] DJ I don't know what I would do. I would probably tear everything up. Oh my god, I can't imagine it, "she says, choking." It is impossible for me to imagine that a mother in this country feels nothing, feels no compassion - although we have seen it have people who don't care what happened to [Floyd] and it just doesn't make sense you know we're all human we all bleed the same blood we all bleed red when we cut become. "
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