Joshua Jackson Says He Wouldn't Have Accepted His Role In "The Affair" If He Had Been A Father

Spoilers for The Affair to come.
At this point, Joshua Jackson is a true television veteran. He's been on a lot of shows you've seen as well as some you may need to catch up on.
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One of Joshua's most memorable roles of recent years has been on Showtime's twisted drama The Affair as grieving husband Cole Lockhart, whose son dies just before the show's official timeline begins.
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Playing Cole meant playing some serious chops for Joshua, and it undoubtedly raised his profile as an actor. But would he do it again? Not quite.
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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Joshua revealed that if he were offered the role of Cole today, he would most likely turn it down - and his reasoning is understandable.
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In the interview, Joshua explained that welcoming a child with actress and wife Jodie Turner-Smith likely changed his perspective when it comes to taking on a role like Cole.
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"I wouldn't really want to do that now," he said. "I'm so glad I shot this before I became a real dad because it was a fantasy place."
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Joshua added that keeping in mind the series' overlapping storylines and narrative concept - which often featured multiple different perspectives on the same plot point - could be "challenging" at times, but also rewarding.
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"It was a lot of fun," he said, comparing the show to his role on the trippy sci-fi drama Fringe. "We had to keep the iterations separate in our heads, and then I jumped into this other show, which had a very sci-fi made-up idea, despite being played out as pure drama."
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He added, "In The Affair, the plot stakes were lower because it was more human, but the emotional stakes were higher." Seriously!
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Read more of the interview here.
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