Juan Williams Leaves Fox News Co-Hosts Speechless With Powerful Black Lives Matter Defense

Juan Williams is one of the few leftist figures who are still represented in Fox News. He never fitted in well with his co-moderators at The Five. This department was uncovered on Thursday afternoon when Williams was able to speak continuously for more than a few seconds and his colleagues were speechless.
The dramatic moment came in the final seconds of a section about Black Lives Matter protesters in Olympia, Washington and the “bright vandals” that damaged the city's mayor's home.
For the vast majority segment, Williams couldn't get a word on his lips when Jesse Watters whined about the "circular execution command" of activists and politicians on the left. Or as Dana Perino put it: "The mob is there and the mob is taking away."
It didn't take more than six minutes before moderator Greg Gutfeld finally turned to the panel's only black commentator to "take us home."
"Well, you know, my attitude towards it is a little different from that of the other gangs," Williams started. “For me it comes down to one point. The Americans have the right to a peaceful protest, to a peaceful assembly. "
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Williams allowed vandalism not to come under this roof and affirmed that "everyone" in America has the right to express "their complaints" with the system. "It's in the first change, for anyone who has doubts, check it out," he told Fox viewers.
When Perino intervened: "We are for it," said Williams: "I hope you are all for it, because that is exactly what is going on."
He condemned his co-hosts for actively "demonizing" the Black Lives Matter demonstrators while not mentioning other bad actors on the scene during the demonstrations.
"Give me a moment here," he urged her. "Because what's wrong is when you see these white Supremacists, for example, who infiltrate a peaceful protest in Oakland and kill a security guard in a federal building." (Williams referred to Steven Carrillo, a right-wing extremist charged with murdering a federal security guard.)
Williams also quoted a white supremacist, who he said had interrupted a protest in Albuquerque and fatally shot a protester - although in this case the protester was only injured and not killed.
"That's what's going on! That's the pattern!" Williams added. "And we should draw attention to it, but the media doesn't draw as much attention as it deserves."
When Williams finished, there was a few uncomfortable seconds of silence before Gutfeld finally said, "Another segment for a different time." Then he quickly took a break from advertising and teased a conversation about President Trump's "big comeback" in Tulsa.
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