Judd Apatow Skewers New York Times Op-Ed That Claims FBI Raid Improved Trump’s Chances for Re-Election

Director Judd Apatow speared a New York Times op-ed on Sunday, calling it "nonsense" for claims that the FBI's raid on Mar-a-Lago improved Donald Trump's chances of reelection.
"This editorial is nonsense," the director tweeted. “Trump is a criminal who commits bigger crimes every time he gets away with it. He should face the same justice as anyone else.”
The Forty-Year-Old Virgin director slammed columnist David Brooks' opinion piece for suggesting that the FBI search had "unintentionally improved Trump's re-election chances" and "motivated his base."
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The article, entitled “Did the F.B.I. Just re-elect Donald Trump?” noting that “the justice system could collide with the political system in unprecedented ways” as the FBI investigation into Trump for a possible violation of the Espionage Act worked in reverse to “motivate” his base.
"In a normal society, when politicians are investigated or indicted, it hurts them politically," Brooks wrote, "but that no longer applies to the G.O.P."
After weighing the priorities of "punishing those who commit crimes" and "ensuring Trump doesn't get another term as president," Brooks argued that we were living in a "crisis of legitimacy," noting that "There is no honorable way to defend our... change course.”
Apatow responded by disagreeing with Brooks, arguing that regardless of the impact, Trump "should face the same justice as anyone."
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"This editorial assumes that unless he's prosecuted, any madman won't find anything to get mad about," the director concluded.
Apatow has been vocal about his political views and feelings towards Trump, telling IndieWire in 2020, "I think it's important to mock someone who doesn't deserve our respect."
On Monday, Aug. 8, the FBI seized several boxes of papers from Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate, including documents marked "top secret," in a raid authorized by a warrant that issued them searched for alleged crimes related to the Espionage Act.
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