Justin Jefferson is on the verge of breaking Randy Moss’ yardage record

Vikings rookie recipient Justin Jefferson has already broken Randy Moss' team rookie record for the most receptions in a season.
Jefferson Moss could break Moss' rookie running record early in the 17th week of the season. Moss ended his 1998 rookie season with 1,313 yards. It only takes Jefferson 47 yards against the Lions to end the season and put his name in the history books.
All of this could be affected by who is playing in a meaningless game for the Vikings. Will Kirk Cousins ​​fit the quarterback or will it be Sean Mannion?
I would envision young players, including those as talented as Jefferson, to play.
Jefferson's 1,267 yard mark ranks fourth in the NFL behind only DeAndre Hopkins, Travis Kelce and Stefon Diggs.
Jefferson was by far the best rookie recipient. The closest rookie to receiving yards is Dallas' CeeDee Lamb at 827 yards.

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