Justin Thomas says Hilton Head not taking coronavirus seriously. 'It's an absolute zoo around here'

The day after Nick Watney became the first PGA Tour player to be diagnosed with COVID-19 during the competition, Justin Thomas thought the area may have contributed to the positive test.
Thomas said on Saturday morning in Harbor Town that he was alarmed by the lack of security measures in the area.
"Yes, obviously I was stunned [about Watney]. I don't want to - it's a shame because ... we did such a great job in the first two weeks," said Thomas Hilton Head, but they don't seem very serious to take. It's an absolute zoo here. There are people everywhere. The beaches are absolutely full. Every restaurant, as I saw it when I drove past, is I would say it is no coincidence that there has to be a lot going on here.
"Unfortunately, it's not Nick's, because I know he is very careful and did everything he can, but I would say that a lot of people around this Hilton Head area just aren't."
Thomas claimed he felt safe on the golf course that RBC Heritage and Tour officials had followed the strict protocols to protect players. Still, said Thomas, jurisdiction only goes so far.
"Unfortunately, you can't control whether people get something to eat or whatever it is when you stay in a hotel or room service or whatever," said Thomas. “What I did is that I live in a house with a cook with a few people every week and keep it in this small group. So I feel very, very safe in this regard.
"You can't control what other people have done outside, and I think that happened to Nick. He was very unlucky. "
South Carolina is one of the hotspots for coronaviruses in the United States and posted a state record of 1,157 newly confirmed cases on Saturday - more than 1,000 cases on a second day in a row. The state has registered a total of 23,786 cases and 644 deaths.

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