Justin Timberlake Reflects on Being a Dad to Son Silas as He Shares Rare Family Photos on Father's Day

Justin Timberlake takes some time on Father's Day to think about his responsibilities as the father of 5-year-old son Silas Randall.
In a longer post on Sunday, the 39-year-old singer shared a series of photos with his child and discussed how he and his wife Jessica Biel want to help end the cycle of systemic racism by educating their son to understand that "all people are created." equal."
"Boys become fathers. I think about it a lot these days. We try to teach our son to love and respect everyone - we teach him that all people are created equal and that nobody else should be treated because of the color of theirs Skin, "Timberlake wrote in light of the continuing racial injustices that became known worldwide after the murder of George Floyd.
Jessica Biel / Instagram Justin Timberlake and son Silas
Floyd, an unarmed black man and father of five, died on May 25. The 46-year-old's last moments were captured on camera. The footage shows former policeman Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd's neck while three other policemen watched without apparent protest, although Floyd repeatedly said he could not breathe and asked the officer to stop.
All four men were arrested and charged with the murder. Two of them were released from prison before their trial.
"We teach him this because one day he will teach his children the same thing. It is a cycle. And at the moment we are all working to reverse the generations of discrimination that have plagued our system and our communities in this country. I I am reminded today that the first lesson starts at home, "continued Timberlake. "I am grateful to both my fathers and mother that they taught me these lessons from the beginning. And that they listened to me when I had something to say that they had not learned. I pray for this humility with mine own son. ""
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Timberlake then gave a special greeting to Biel, 38. "I am grateful for my wife, who has made me a father and who is my favorite person / partner / teacher / friend in all of it," he wrote before adding. "I am thankful for my son who is ALWAYS teaching me again right away."
"Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there," continued the singer from True Colors. "As we owe these lessons to our sons and daughters in the places where the doors close at night, I hope that you are as inspired as I am in the places where the same door opens every morning to the TRUTH and we send them out to discover them. There is more to do. And we are built for it. After all, we are the fathers. I send my love to you and yours. "
Biel also wished her husband a "happy Father's Day" on Sunday and shared a warm tribute on her own Instagram page with a delightful photo of Timberlake that will give her son a piggyback ride.
"For the father who not only protects and cares, but above all plays and endures all of our gimmicks. And teaches and leads and consoles and accepts and respects," she wrote. "Being a father can sometimes be a thankless job, but today we hope that you know how important you are in our lives. We love you forever and one day. Love mother and Silas ❤️."
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Jessica Biel / Instagram Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake and son Silas
Timberlake and Biel married in 2012 and welcomed their first child in 2015. In the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the family of three in Montana isolated themselves.
In February, the father of a child in an interview with SiriusXM's hits 1 revealed that he had fallen into "24-hour parenthood" due to the outbreak. "We're fine. We mostly complain about the fact that we ... just 24-hour parenting is just not human," Timberlake joked, adding that even Silas sometimes looks upset with him, which causes his father to do so say, "Cool. I have you."
"Just a commercial break," said Timberlake, explaining that his child sometimes needs a break from his mother and father, just as one does when it comes to daily parental responsibilities.
To combat systemic racism, consider learning from or donating to these organizations:
Campaign Zero (joincampaignzero.org) that ends police brutality in America through research-proven strategies.
ColorofChange.org is working to make the government respond better to racial differences.
The National Cares Mentoring Movement (carementoring.org) provides social and academic support to help black teenagers succeed in college and beyond.

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