Kadyrov believes the Russians should mobilise themselves - around Putin

Ramzan Kadyrov, the Kremlin-controlled leader of Chechnya, said during an "educational" conversation with young Russians that Vladimir Putin does not need to announce a mobilization: Russian citizens "should mobilize themselves around the president."
Source: Kadyrov, quoted by Russian media on May 18
Quote: "Nobody should have to announce mobilization. We should all mobilize and stand around our President. To keep our state safe. That's patriotism."
Details: During the broadcast of what Russian propaganda calls an “education marathon” [the federal education marathon], the Kremlin protégé said that Putin’s so-called “special operation” is 100% on schedule and Ukraine appears to be “freed from shaitans.” [Devils or evil spirits in Islamic belief]".
According to Kadyrov, the Chechens are more than willing to take part in this "special operation" because "it's Satanism." "Muslims are obliged to fight against them (Ukraine) even if they are not ordered to do so," he said.
Background: On the Ukrainian side, representatives of the Chechen people are fighting in the war against the Russian occupiers. Those fighters who became “famous” for their atrocities against the civilian population and who have repeatedly been exposed as forgers of their “achievements” are referred to as “Kadyrovites”.
Ramzan Kadyrov
Russian politician and head of the Chechen Republic
Wladimir Putin
President of Russia

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