Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook Posted Sweet Tributes to Their Late Dog Petunia

@ kaleycuoco, Instagram
Kaley Cuoco and husband Karl Cook unfortunately lost their "old lady" Petunia on Wednesday, November 25th. Both Cuoco and Cook warmly paid tribute to their elderly rescue dog who was part of the very happy Cuoco Cook puppy package for the last leg of their lives.
"After a life of indescribable loneliness and hardship, she's in peace. I'm happy for that," Cook wrote his tribute post to Petunia on Instagram. "We did what we adopted as a petunia to make it better than anyone. Give her everything."
"She rests in peace, with the sunset of everyday life to warm her," he continued. "That is the most important thing. Petunia, it is not the time together, but it affects the soul. You have affected everyone who has met you. You are my old lady forever ??? I miss you so much already , sleep my sweet angels❤️❤️❤️ "
Cuoco shared her love for Petunia on her Instagram story via People and wrote, "It's been a great honor to love her in her final days. We love you, love special Petunia. You are the reason we continue to be dogs how to save you. And we'll never stop. "
She also tagged the rescue organization they adopted Petunia, Paws For Life K9 Rescue, from.
@ kaleycuoco, Instagram
Petunia was part of the Ragtag group of rescue animals in the Cuoco Cook household, consisting of the horses Bella, Poker and the dwarf mini horse Shmooshy, as well as fellow dogs Blueberry, Dumpy and Norman, after whom Cuoco named their production company.
Earlier this year, Cuoco announced that she had lost her rescue dwarf pony, Fiona, who was dealing with several health complications after joining Cuoco and Cook in "such dire shape". The couple only had Fiona for "a very short time," but Cuoco wrote on Instagram: "We were thrilled that we had time with her at all."
"Let me make that very clear ... there's a reason she was a salvation," Cuoco continued. "We take on a lot of these pygmy ponies and it looks so cute and exciting that everyone wants one. It's not. They have serious medical problems and most of them have been totally ill-treated and left untreated."
She noted that pygmy ponies shouldn't be bred for what they are because breeding makes them so prone to medical problems. "It's FALSE," wrote Cuoco. "We did everything we could, but her little body couldn't survive. She no longer has to live in pain and died in blankets full of love."
It takes a strong person to save older animals and animals with serious health problems knowing that your time with them will be short. But knowing that you can make your final years (or even days) the happiest of your life is well worth it. Although Cuoco and Cook didn't have Petunia in their lives for a long time, the time they had with her changed their lives forever.

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