Kansas City Woman Tears Into Police Commission at Public Meeting in Viral Clip

A Kansas City woman went viral following a flaming public comment during a meeting of that city's police commissioners. KJ Brooks is the newest heroine on the internet after joining protests to remove Kansas City, Missouri's chief of police. She took every single commissioner to task and demanded that the entire police department be pulled around her head.
In a series of clips, Brooks called each board member by name and listed their individual shortcomings that went beyond helping the Kansas City Police Department. She said one member was wearing a "vomit suit" and "badly needed Boseley and a haircut". She berated church members for their unchristian support for unjust systems.
She concluded with a Bible verse from "the book you hellishly bound people claim to love so much" after realizing that Jesus was an unarmed black man who was killed by the state.
"What use is it to a person to gain the whole world and lose his soul?" she said, quoting from the chapter of Mark in which Jesus feeds the four thousand, and then asked everyone to give up their lives and follow him.
The clips quickly spread beyond Kansas City, and many on Twitter were inspired by KJ Brooks' direct verbal decimation of bureaucrats doing harm.

Brooks seemed surprised by the way the clip spread, but seized the moment to promote their collective work and end state repression of blacks, latinx and indigenous peoples.
Community activists have pushed for Police Chief Rick Smith to resign, arguing that his division ill-treated complaints related to excessive violence and fatal shooting of black men. The interruption of the meeting of the civil committee should show that the business of the committee can only be resumed if they deal with this issue.
"We have no confidence in his ability to build trust and respect in the community," said Gwendolyn Grant, CEO of the Urban League of Greater KC, in her comments on the policies, practices and procedures that are being carried out against our communities. "

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