Kanye’s Donda listening party featured $40 hot dogs

Left: Kanye West in a red jacket. Right: a hot dog mascot
Last Thursday, Kanye West hosted a sold out listening party for his new album Donda at the 71,000-seat Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. In perfect Kanye fashion, he showed up two hours late, didn't release the album on the scheduled release date and now apparently lives at the stadium in Phantom-of-the-Opera-style. Please keep in mind that at this event, Kanye could easily appear in a whimsical dinner costume or break out into thoughtful self-talk about his admiration for Donald Trump. So all in all, the Donda party was one of the less turbulent Kanye events in recent history.
Perhaps the most outrageous aspect of Kanye's release party was the concession menu, which featured a $ 40 hot dog, according to photos of attendees at the event on Twitter. We'll say that again: a $ 40 hot dog. The hot dog was all beef and kosher, but didn't seem to have toppings worth the high price, like fancy ketchup or 14k gold mustard. Typically, hot dogs at Mercedes-Benz Stadium cost $ 1.50, but those hot dogs haven't been exposed to the air that may have passed through Kanye's lungs, so you really get what you pay for.
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For the folks who found a $ 40 worth of hot dog a little stodgy, there were other fine snacks to enjoy while sitting idly in a sold out stadium waiting for Kanye to take the stage. According to the menu photos above, a whole basket of crispy chicken tenders was $ 50 and a snack basket full of chips, beef jerky, and unspecified "bars" could be enjoyed for just $ 65. After a fine dinner of processed meat products, attendees ended their evening with a $ 45 plate of biscuits and brownies marked as "vegetarian" on the menu. This was a Kanye event too, so if a $ 40 hot dog sucks as it gets, everyone involved deserves a massive pat on the back.

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