Kate Hudson's Abs Are ?Popping? And Her Skin Is ✨Glowing✨ In A New Instagram Video

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Kate Hudson, 41, just showed off her toned abs and glowing skin in an Instagram video.
The actress swears by Pilates and yoga to keep fit after decades of doing it.
She also puts a lot of emphasis on moisture and the occasional facial to keep her skin flawless.
Kate Hudson, 41, was just giving her fans a BTS glimpse into a normal old day in her life and spending time with her boo Danny Fujikawa and daughter Rani Rose in their kitchen.
In the video, the actress and co-founder of Fabletics also happens to show her toned abs in a super cute, bright orange, matching Fabletics outfit called the Control 2-Piece Outfit.
"Love and ... live your brand," she wrote in the video. Sure, she's - and looks ridiculously fit while she's at it.
Kate told Women's Health last year that Pilates was her favorite exercise, and she regularly posts her workouts (which she tries once or twice a week) with trainer Nicole Stuart. "I've known her since I was 19 years old," said Kate. "I know I am strongest when I do Pilates because it never gets easier. The more you do Pilates, the harder the things you can do get. I love how flexible I feel and I like what it does the shape of my body. "
She's also a huge fan of yoga and even recently had a quick - and totally adorable - yoga sesh with Rani.
In addition to her killer body, Kate also has glowing skin without makeup in the video. Instead, she just rocks a messy bun and cute, clear-rimmed glasses that still manage to look damn flawless.
Kate shared the pros and cons of her skin care routine with Women’s Health last year, and it's all about hydration. "Water is a great kind of healer for me. And when I drink good water, my skin looks its best," she said. "If I had to conjure up something, it would be water."
Kate also likes getting facials on occasion. "Sometimes I'll be good at getting facials and I do it like once a month for a few months," she said. I think it's a really underrated thing for your face, a real massage. We massage our body, but our face needs them too. "She likes to do herbal facial peelings" once in blue moon "too.
"We have this esthetician I've been using for years and she has this natural exfoliating mask," continued Kate. "It's just these herbs that have been activated with some kind of acid. It feels like they're putting sandpaper on your skin. Acne and any kind of sun damage just peel off."
And before the COVID-19 pandemic put an end to the red carpet events, she received laser treatments from her esthetician, Sister Jamie, before awards shows and other glamorous evenings. "It's like the biggest thing on the planet," said Kate. "It just makes my skin very excited."
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