Kate McKinnon shows just how hilariously awkward post-lockdown flirting is going to be

Kate McKinnon, Nick Jonas
On the last spot on Nick Jonas' Saturday Night Live, the place traditionally showing the best and worst sketches of the venerable series, Kate McKinnon unexpectedly stole some adorable meowing kitten milk, and that wasn't even the best part. The sketch was a fun approximation of what social interaction will look like after more than a year of caged, stressed-out isolation and loneliness. She saw McKinnon's newly sprung bartender get hit by Jonas' lithe speaker. And yes, he doesn't look at her initially, but rather a bloody painting of a lion eating a man in the distance as his player's game is just slightly crooked because he hasn't spoken to a living soul that everyone will remember can.
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Dare to compare
هل لديك الجرأة على مقارنة مزايا فول الصويا الأمريك
يؤكد استعراض شامل حديث نشره طرف خارجي أن فول الصويا الأمريكي يتفوق على غيره من الأنواع ال رىب من حيثب صير حيثب من ر.
But that's okay, since McKinnon's flirtation can only come up with the killer opening line, "There are mites in your pillows. And if you sleep with your mouth open, they'll go right in." Okay, a little rusty, to be sure , but at least the two post-pandemic aficionados (put the sketch under "speculative fiction") are equally baffled by what's going on in a sketch that likely would have been a classic if all-star McKinnon had a more capable lead actor than the avid one , but Jonas going over his head.
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As is the case with the best ten-for-one sketches, the piece seemed to have emerged from a writer's nightly giggles, with casual aside notes about ex-con McKinnon's seemingly unfinished "LOVE" and "HATE" ankle tattoos ( “No, I just love hats,” she explains. Jonas magically produces this live kitten in an exhibit of what he's been working on in quarantine (McKinnon steals his milk as their next cocktail), and the couple shares romantic dance with the pianist (“My name is Guy Piano.”) Andrew Dismukes' inexplicable choice of “Take me to the ball game” for their big moment, and of course no one can remember a word from a song that urges us to all of us in great Gathering groups and cheering together with relish, as it all seems like stories from another life, but the two clumsy, but playfully optimistic lovebirds try in spite of this because their mutually cubic, contact-hungry brains seem to have committed themselves to the same, undoubtedly wrong lyrics of the song. Since spring training actually starts with Sunday games and everything, we all remember to sing out loud and free, "And it's one, two, three, four, five, six, that's how numbers work!"
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