Kate Middleton Gave the Queen a Thoughtful, Homemade Gift for Her First Christmas with the Royal Family

From Marie Claire
When she spent her first Christmas with the royal family in 2011, Kate Middleton was understandably nervous.
The Duchess of Cambridge admitted during an interview for the 2016 ITV Special Our Queen at Ninety that she was worried about what to give as a gift to the Queen.
Ultimately, Kate decided to make the Queen her own grandmother's homemade chutney recipe, which was a huge hit.
Spending the vacation with your in-laws can be nerve-wracking for anyone, but when your in-laws are literally the most famous family in the world, the pressure is the next level. Kate Middleton has admitted she was nervous about spending her first Christmas with the royal family in 2011 after her wedding to Prince William. Of course, Kate didn't have to worry about crushing it when it came to finding the perfect gift for Will's grandma, Queen Elizabeth II.
In an interview for ITV's Our Queen at Ninety 2016 special, Kate shared what her first Christmas with her in-laws really was like - and how she picked the perfect gift for the queen.
“I can remember my first time in Sandringham at Christmas. And I was worried about what to give the Queen as a Christmas present, ”Kate said, according to People. "I thought, 'Gosh, what should I give her?' I thought back to what I would give to my own grandparents and I thought, 'I'm going to do something to her.' Which could have gone terribly wrong, but I decided to make my grandma's recipe for chutney. "
The homemade gift was a huge hit and in retrospect, Kate thinks she knows why.
"I was a little concerned about it, but I noticed it was on the table the next day," said Kate. "I think such a simple gesture got me so much, and I've noticed she's done it many times, and I think she just shows her thoughtfulness and diligence in looking after everyone."
In case you ever need to give the queen a gift, keep the following in mind: Simple gestures are the best gestures.
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