Kate Middleton & Prince William Are Reportedly Using Their Boston Trip to 'Maintain a Sense of Relevance'

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As Kate Middleton and Prince William prepare for their trip to Boston, royal observers weigh the importance of their presence in the US for the palace. It's not just the Earthshot Prize Awards they're here for - the pair are trying to prove that the monarchy has a place in modern society.
The Prince and Princess of Wales will be the first look at the "more updated, modernized family they want to represent," Arianne J. Chernock, a history professor at Boston University, told the New York Times. She believes Kate and William have "a big job" ahead of them to change public perceptions of the royal family. Partnering with the Earthshot Prize Awards allows them to "tackle hearty, weighty issues and maintain a sense of relevance and connection to their issues and the world's people to justify their existence."
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The idea of ​​hosting this year's awards in Boston was very calculated, also given the city's "historic connection to Great Britain". Chernock called it "fertile ground for a royal visit," adding, "Americans have never lost their fascination with the royal family." Boston, after all, is home to the US version of royalty with the Kennedy family.
Kate and William are hoping to avoid the controversy of their Caribbean tour in March, so the expectation is that this trip will offer a highly curated look at the couple. There's a lot of pressure on them, but King Charles III. hopes they deliver the best of the royal family.
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Elder son and heir to Charles III of the United Kingdom
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