Kate Middleton’s 'Power,' Fergie Spills the 'Tea' & Rita Wilson's Diana Moment: Inside PEOPLE Royals !

Introducing: PEOPLE Royals - a new quarterly publication devoted exclusively to all things royal.
You can find the first edition of PEOPLE Royals on Friday March 5th at your local newsstand or subscribe to it at peopleroyals.com/launch.
In the opening edition, Kate Middleton defines herself as "the millennial queen in the making". Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, gets personal over a cup of tea, and singer-songwriter and actress Rita Wilson shares her memorable encounter with Princess Diana 25 years ago. Are you also looking for your new favorite cocktail? Try the queen's favorite drink.
Read on for a little insight!
Kate the great: how the future queen defines herself
At the 10 year mark of her royal career, Princess Kate has firmly established her voice. If the current queen, 94, embodied the very English stiff upper lip during her long reign, the millennial queen has taken a modern path in the making: feelings are to be affirmed, mental health is to be prioritized, and laughter is to be encouraged. And like parents around the world, she does all of this while teaching 7 year old George, 5 year old Charlotte, and 2 year old Louis. There is no doubt that Kate is facing unique pressures: she is the wife of a future king and raises another. To add to the pressure, there was also the resignation of her brother-in-law Prince Harry and her sister-in-law Meghan Markle from royal duty. The move left Kate as the only high-ranking royal woman of her generation. "Kate is now the only possible provider of the glamor factor," says historian Sarah Gristwood, author of Elizabeth: The Queen and the Crown.
While continuing to span two very different types of leadership, it does so under the control of the eyes of the world. "You can look through pictures of Kate Middleton for 10 years and there are no moments without a break," says Elizabeth Holmes, author of HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style. No, she likely won't comment on topics royals have avoided for centuries, including politics and personal struggles. But in a turbulent world, too often shaken by unrest, it can be seen as a beacon of stability. "It is a tremendous power to be consistent and make people happy," says Holmes. "There aren't that many powerful people who can do that." For more information, including Kate's 5 Parenting Rules, see PEOPLE Royals.
What tea time means to me by Sarah Ferguson
Mark Cuthbert / EMPICS Entertainment / Abaca Princess Eugenie, Sarah Ferguson and Princess Beatrice
"Teatime has always been an important part of our family day, when we can take time to exchange news," writes the Duchess of York in an exclusive essay. "When my girls were younger, we would sit and talk about their school day, successes or concerns. We had a magical feast of finger sandwiches, cocktail sausages, cookies, scones with curdled cream, jams and bites. As the girls got older, smoked salmon sandwiches and cucumber sandwiches replaced the traffic light sandwiches, but the basic ethos was the same: a time to share. "For more information, including the Duchess of York's tips for making the perfect cup of tea, visit PEOPLE Royals.
This time I met… Princess Diana by Rita Wilson
Tim Graham Picture Library / Getty Images Princess Diana, Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks
"I was seven months pregnant with my youngest son at the Apollo 13 premiere in London [1995]," said Wilson in an exclusive interview. "We met the princess and then we were all eaten in a small screening room. [My husband] Tom [Hanks] sat next to her and got up to say a few words. As he went back to his seat, Diana held on." The place for him, and it was just that sweet gesture that was very spontaneous and thoughtful, and not something you would mistake for a princess, it was that kind of warning and approachable.
“I sat next to her at dinner later that evening and because I was pregnant she said, 'Do you need anything? Can I get you a pillow? Are you comfortable? How do you feel? Can you eat?' She asked all the questions that you would ask someone who was expecting a child and had gone through a really long night and a long dinner. She understood what it was like and how you'd really rather be in bed no matter who was sitting next to you. By the way, I wouldn't rather be in bed For more information, including the "shocking" moment that caused Wilson's "heartbreak" for Diana, see PEOPLE Royals.
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