Kate Middleton Will Reportedly Appear On Meghan Markle’s Podcast

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Kate Middleton Meghan Markle
File this under: Things We Didn't Expect! Meghan Markle could potentially welcome her most unexpected guest yet for her Spotify podcast amid reports the Princess of Wales may be making an appearance anytime soon! Wow!
Meghan Markle invites Kate Middleton to appear on the Archetypes podcast
A royal expert has reportedly said that the Duchess of Sussex, 41, asked her sister-in-law to appear on her Archetypes podcast when she and husband Prince Harry, 38, were in the UK for the Queen's funeral.
"According to this good source, while Meghan was over here staying in her cottage in Windsor, she made a request to the Princess of Wales to appear in an upcoming episode of Archetypes," admitted royal expert Neil Sean on his YouTube channel.
Meghan has had a few A-list guests on her podcast so far, including Mariah Carey (who she famously branded a "diva" on the show), Serena Williams and Mindy Kaling, but the Princess of Wales, 40, would definitely be the most well-known be, as Sean revealed Meghan could be willing to dedicate the entire episode to Kate instead of having several different guests as has been the norm in previous episodes.
"It kind of makes sense when you think about it. In Meghan's mind, that's because she based it on the idea of ​​two duchesses as they were at the time, and of course talking about how difficult it is to run a family, work-life and work-balance," He continued, adding that Meghan's team must have thought it was a good idea "in terms of ratings" to have the Princess of Wales on the show.
"We're not entirely sure how this was passed down to the beautiful Princess of Wales, but according to Meghan, she felt they were making progress," Sean continued. "If you remember that particular interview, she claimed she was ready to forgive and move on," he added, before going on to say that Meghan and her Spotify production team "don't have any feedback yet" on that, though, Always The Troubleshooter, Meghan "understands that Catherine might even fit in when she returns to the United States for Earthshot later this month." The final comment relates to the fact that the Prince and Princess of Wales will be married on December 2 in Boston for the Earthshot awards ceremony - so the podcast *could* be happening pretty soon!
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Royal fans warn Princess of Wales
Royal fans, especially Princess of Wales fans, have been urging her not to do the podcast! Commenting on the "Royal News and Politics Updates" YouTube video about the news, one fan asked, "Catherine please don't do it, she's going to turn you on," while another added, "I hope Kate doesn't do the podcast." . No need to."
"Don't think Kate would sink as low as Meghan," wrote another. "I hope Catherine doesn't get caught in Meghan's net - she's way more classy and smart than Meghan," commented another. "That would be tragic for the Princess of Wales. Surely she will decline in her calm and gracious way," hoped another. "Catherine isn't that dumb, she's got class," said another.
The 'strained' relationship between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle
While her husbands might need a little more convincing to end their feud, the Princess of Wales' appearance on Meghan's podcast could be a great way to put her own feud behind! There have been many reports of the sisters-in-law disagreeing, and things took a major turn for the worse ahead of Prince Harry and Meghan's royal wedding in 2018, when the duchesses had a disagreement over bridesmaid dresses, reportedly leaving the had Duchess of Cambridge in tears.
But as great as the podcast could be for their relationship, another royal expert just doesn't think it'll ever happen! "I don't think so," royal correspondent Richard Palmer replied in the Royal Round Up when asked if he thinks the Princess of Wales will show up. "I don't feel like there's a huge relationship between them right now. That might change, but I think the signs are that things are still pretty strained."
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Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
American actress
Catherine, Princess of Wales
Wife of William, Prince of Wales
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex
Duke of Sussex

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