Katharine McPhee Says Son Rennie Is 'Much Bigger Baby Than His Peers': 'Ahead of the Curve'

Katharine McPhee
Amy Sussman / Getty Images
Katharine McPhee Foster loves to see her little boy grow up right in front of her eyes.
The new mother shares 5 month old son Rennie David with husband David Foster. Speaking to PEOPLE on Friday, she said her child was still “advanced” in how quickly he reached developmental milestones.
“His little teeth popped out and it's fun because they showed up earlier than they should. He's a much bigger baby than his peers so it's fun to have a baby that is growing so well, ”McPhee Foster told PEOPLE during the World Surf League Pure and Wildcoast beach cleanup event hosted by Shiseido Blue Project and actor Adrian Grenier on Zuma Beach in Malibu, California.
“Everything balances out,” she adds. "They all end up in the same place, but right now he's a bit ahead of the curve. It's super fun to say, 'Oh, he's advanced.' But you really know your baby is just like any other baby. "
The Country Comfort star says "nothing surprised me" about motherhood and wants future mothers to know that welcoming a child is a joyful experience.
“You get all of people's opinions and your life will change and you will be tired and yes, these things will happen. My life has changed, but not really, ”says McPhee Foster. "What I mean by that is that it just feels like he's always been here. My life has changed because I'm so much happier."
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“Sometimes you hear more negative stories about motherhood and how tired you are going to be and it's so hard. I want to be an example of how great it is and how positive it is, ”she continues. "Because you hear these things, but I think they are sometimes clouded by how hard it can be."
“And it's hard,” she says, “but my approach to motherhood is just so grateful. It comes from such a grateful point of view that I think when you come from a place of gratitude you have to do the things that are difficult , just treat. " with them and you move on. The joy outweighs the fight. "
Becoming parents has changed the way they view the environment and created a sustainable, healthy future for future generations. That is why it was important for her to take part in the initiative to clean up the local beaches.
Katharine Mcpheephe
Amy Sussman / Getty Images
Now, as a mother, she says she thinks of questions like, “How will it be 10 years from now? Will we pull ourselves together? Are we going to clean it up? different from what I remember? What will he grow up with? ' "
"I'm raising [Rennie] in Los Angeles and I really noticed that LA has taken a huge dive in terms of its cleanliness. We have a huge problem here and it's such a daunting topic. I don't even know where to start "she tells PEOPLE.
"And it's all interconnected. The garbage comes here. It ends up in the ocean and on the beach. It's very annoying. I don't know what the answer is, but we have to get them to do it every day." what they can be responsible for. "

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