Katherine Schwarzenegger Opened Up About Being Pregnant During the Pandemic

Katherine Schwarzenegger is pregnant for the first time - and she is experiencing it during a global pandemic that involves self-quarantine, disinfection, and wearing masks. There's a lot to do if you're not pregnant, but the author explained during her Instagram live session with her friend Dr. Zelana Montminy that she makes the best of things. Of course, she called her husband Chris Pratt and said he was "wonderful" during her pregnancy.
When Montminy Schwarzenegger asked how she was handling everything, she explained that she was fine. She happened to be quarantined with Pratt and is also close to her family. Therefore, she expressed her appreciation for this support system.
Jamie McCarthy / staff
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"Really good. I am actually very happy to live in close proximity to my family, which was very helpful," said Schwarzenegger. "And then of course I have a very wonderful husband who was very, amazing to have him at home and also very understanding of my need to renovate everything and have masks worn all the time. That was helpful."
She added that being pregnant during the coronavirus pandemic was an "interesting" experience. She is grateful that she has friends like Montminy on whom she can rely.
"I also have people like you who I write about everything all the time, baby, because I'm studying on the go and it was an interesting time to be pregnant," she said.
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Schwarzenegger announced that it expects this in April. Although it's her first child, Pratt shares a son, Jack, with his ex-wife, Anna Faris. Schwarzenegger and Pratt recently celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary, but were reluctant to celebrate.
"Chris and Katherine had an incredible first year of marriage," a source told Entertainment Tonight on June 8. "The couple plans to celebrate their first wedding anniversary with something small today, as their baby will be arriving soon."
The source noted that the quarantine was great for the couple using the time to enjoy each other's company and prepare for the new arrival.
"Chris and Katherine are grateful for their time alone recently, as they were able to enjoy the pregnancy together, which gave them a forced sense of time to relax and prepare," added the source. "They know their baby is coming soon and can't wait to greet their new arrival."

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