Katherine Schwarzenegger Says She Leveled Up Her Already-Healthy Diet

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Katherine Schwarzenegger, 31, may have grown up in the spotlight (her parents are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver) but she is making a name for herself. The podcaster, author (her 2020 The Gift of Forgiveness is just the latest of her bestsellers) and the new mom is also an ambassador for the Best Friends Animal Society and the ASPCA, and puts her heart and soul into projects and causes that are important to her .
Health and wellness have been the focus for much of her life. "I grew up with both of my parents who are really good examples of [eating well]," Katherine told Women's Health. "I grew up in the world of health and fitness, but it was also about enjoying food and being able to be active. I try to be someone who works out and enjoys eating."
The healthy foundation Katherine learned from her parents has been even more important since she became a mother. (Katherine and her husband Chris Pratt - maybe you've heard of him? - gave birth to little daughter Lyla in August.)
"I am always aware that I am healthy and what I put in my body," she says. "It is really important, especially when breastfeeding like me, to be healthy and pay attention to your diet. I want to show my daughter in old age that we take good care of our bodies. That is important to me."
Katherine Schwarzenegger eats this in a day to feel best - for herself and her family.
Katherine wakes up early thanks to her little daughter (a.k.a. alarm clock). Her early morning hours crave caffeine, so Katherine makes a latte with Planet Oat oat milk to start her day.
"My mornings can be very busy, so I like to have quick and easy breakfast items on hand that I can grab and go," she tells WH. She usually stows jars of PB&J overnight oats made from oats, oat milk, yogurt, and peanut butter in the refrigerator to fill them with raspberries, jam, more peanut butter, and crushed peanuts.
When Katherine has extra time, she makes herself banana pancakes. Your favorite recipe just calls for oats, oat milk, almond flour, eggs, cinnamon, vanilla, a ripe banana, salt and baking soda.
Having lunch
Katherine's lunch time may vary from 11 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. because #momlife. "It really depends on the day and how the baby is doing and when I get up in the morning," she says.
"For every lunch, I make something pretty light and light most of the time," explains Katherine. "I usually eat a salad." She tops her salad bowls with white bean dip for added flavor, fiber, and vegetable protein. (It's a delicious mix of canned cannellini beans, garlic, lemon peel and juice, Planet Oat Original Oatmilk, olive oil, parsley, and salt and pepper.)
Katherine says that healthy snacks are between meals on unpredictable days as a new mom.
"I've eaten a lot of peppers since I was pregnant," she says. In the afternoon she whips her bean dip again to combine with pepper slices.
For Katherine, this snack combo is a great way to squeeze in extra veggies throughout the day. "I've always felt that once you cut vegetables and have an option to dip them in your fridge, it'll be easier for you to have a healthy snack," she says. In addition to peppers, Katherine loves dipping cucumber or celery.
Katherine has always been a fan of early dinners (now between 5 and 6 p.m.) and early bedtime, but especially after giving birth. It's her way of closing as many eyes as possible before the baby wakes up at dawn.
"I have dinner very early because I'm laying my daughter down and trying to go to bed shortly after," she says. "I actually enjoy having dinner earlier just because it gives you time to digest. I honestly always went to bed early and woke up early, so just give or take a few hours of difference."
Katherine keeps her dinner on the light side so as not to feel crowded before bed. "I try to keep it light in the evening because I don't like going to bed with a crazy full stomach."
That said, their meal formula usually contains protein and vegetables. "I always like to have some kind of protein like salmon or chicken in the evening," she says.
Lately she's been digging stuffed mushrooms too. "Stuffed mushrooms are really great. They're super tasty and a healthy option to incorporate," she says. "I like to throw them in the oven because they are simple. I'm not an expert on cooking."
Katherine loves to bake and embarked on the great hobby in 2020. (She has a whole Instagram highlight full of delicious treats.) She's all about cookies and cereal, which she thinks is a staple in her home.
She's also a huge fan of her local bakery. "My favorite in LA is Sweet Laurel," says Katherine. "Everything is made with clean ingredients, that's another thing that I really enjoyed."
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