Katie Holmes Publicly Declared Her Love for Emilio Vitolo Jr. on Instagram

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One of the most talked about celebrity couples in 2020 has just hit a major milestone: Katie Holmes and her celebrity chef BF, Emlio Vitolo, Jr., are now Instagram officials.
Emilio took the big step on social media with a touching tribute post in honor of Katie's birthday and shared an adorable black and white photo of the couple laughing together on their Instagram grid.
In his cute caption, Emilio described Katie as "the most amazing, kindest, most beautiful person" and publicly declared his love for her.
Update 12/20: Katie Holmes has confirmed that the feeling of love her boyfriend recently publicly declared is definitely mutual. In response to Emilio Vitolo Jr.'s sweet birthday mail, she commented with five emojis with red hearts: "Thank you, my dear". Then she added, "I love you too !!!!!!"
Photo credit: Instagram
Original post: In the news from celebrity couples today: Katie Holmes and her boyfriend celebrity chef Emilio Vitolo Jr. took this important step on social media and became their Instagram official partner with their love.
Emilio was actually the one who took the plunge, shared a personal photo of himself and Katie, and publicly declared his love for her (yes, directly, with the L word and all) in a cute tribute item in honor of the actress 42nd birthday, which she celebrated on Friday, December 18th.
"The most amazing, nicest, most beautiful person," wrote Vitolo in his sweet tribute post along with a slightly blurry - but still very adorable - black and white photo of him and Katie laughing and having a great time. "Every time I see your face I smile. Happy birthday !!! I love you !!"
Katie and Emilio were first seen together in early fall, and their casual and romantic walks around New York City have since become a staple of our celebrity photo diet. This isn't technically the first time Emilio mentions Katie on social media. He raved about her Vogue Australia cover on her Instagram story in November, but his birthday tribute marks the first time the couple has officially hit the net and shared something more consistent about their love online.
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