Katie Sturino recreates celebrity style moments with her hashtag #SuperSizeTheLook

Katie Sturino is the founder of Megababe, a popular line of personal care products, author of Body Talk: How to Embrace Your Body and Start Living Your Best Life, and a fashion superstar.
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But Sturino is perhaps best known for creating a counter-narrative for plus-size women who have too often been stigmatized in fashion. Sturino uses her Instagram to recreate iconic celebrity-style moments for her 625,000 followers. Her hashtag #SupersizeTheLook shows off her recreated celebrity looks and evokes brands that don't make expanded sizes.
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But Sturino is not about competing with other women. It's not about "who wore it better" but about celebrating that everyone's body looks their best.
"I started because women of all sizes like someone's style but often think they can't wear it themselves," said #SupersizeTheLook's Sturino Women’s Wear Daily. “I wanted to show women that they can do it. We've done everything from bra tops to short mini dresses, and we've shown women that they can wear anything that inspires them. "
"THIS WOMAN! I love her. And I think it's great that our diaphragms look totally different, but they're both beautiful," said Sturino of Jennifer Lopez.
She wore the same white crop top and sweatpants as the singer and posed on a staircase to take a selfie.
For a beach look, Sturino has recreated the headscarf, bikini and denim shorts ensemble by model Amelia Gray.
“Now this one is going to challenge some of you !! A string bikini? Failures ?? In the public??? GTFO. I think we both look good! ”She said.
"It's never about who wears it better, that mindset keeps us down," wrote Sturino of a zebra print dress she wore as a dupe for Mindy Kaling.
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Katie Sturino, who recreates celebrity-style moments with her hashtag #SuperSizeTheLook, first appeared on In The Know.

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