Katy Perry Returns to Work in a Bold Cow-Print Outfit a Little Over a Month After Daisy's Birth

Katy Perry is back working on American Idol less than two months after giving birth to her first child with Orlando Bloom, baby Daisy, in late August. The singer boldly wore a cow print ensemble, a matching hat and huge black earrings. Dramatic, eccentric outfits like this were Perry's thing at American Idol, so it's no surprise she came back with a statement look.
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Speaking to Entertainment tonight about the return to American Idol, Perry spoke about her life as a mother for the first time in an interview.
"It's amazing," she said when she was back on set. "I'm so grateful for this opportunity and for this job and for the fact that I can keep inspiring other people to pursue their dreams. I mean, my life just feels very full. And you know, it is a little hard I bit these first few days and am unable to be there. But daddy is doing a great job. Daddy stepped in. I saw the Bjorn on him, I saw him with the bottle, I saw everything the pictures. It's all good. "
Perry's Idol interview comes the same day that Bloom spoke about who her little girl looks like on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. "Daisy Dove, my little mini me / mini my mother / mini Katy," began Bloom. "Yeah, the eyes look like her, but it was fun because when she came out it was like, 'Oh, it's me. It's a mini me,' and then luckily she got that Katy blues that was perfect. But then she looked a bit like my mom, so I was a bit confused because Katy was this mini me / my mom / what will she look like next? "
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