Keke Palmer's Facialist Accidentally Dermaplaned Her Baby Hairs Right Off Her Hairline

It wasn't even a week ago that Keke Palmer appreciated her beautiful natural hair growth. But now it seems like she has suffered a little setback in her hairstyle - all because of a facial.
As beauty companies are cautiously reopening after the closure in the early months of the coronavirus pandemic, many skin care lovers are keen to return to their favorite aestheticians. Palmer is one of them, and she shared a selfie video on Instagram after visiting a facial doctor on Saturday, June 20. Though she loved the results for her skin, she is a little upset about the unexpected haircut indicated in the heading: "SHE TOOK EMMMMMM ????."
"I just got a facial from this lady," Palmer said in the video. "My skin was behaving - it was behaving again - and I love the facial. As you can see, the skin is shining. I mean, whoa. I have a lot of hair on my skin that helps me to try acne pinching it and trying to get rid of it, whatever. "
Palmer continues that the facial doctor used a dermaplaning technique, an exfoliating method that uses a blade to remove dead skin cells - and "peach lint" on the face. "She got up there and removed a lot of that hair. You know, she was fine," she says. "But when she got the hair and got my little fur beard easily, she got my baby hair too. My baby hair! She took it!"
Palmer moans a few times when she has the camera examined where her edges used to be.
The comments are full of empathy, laughter and tips. "My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time," wrote a fan. Another person advised: "Just oil ... it will grow back?", While stylist Vernon François simply wrote: "Girl ?? ?? ♂️? ?????? ‍♂️. "
Hopefully, Palmer will not only keep us up to date on her natural hair growth, but also on the regrowth of her expensive deceased baby hair.
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