Kelly Clarkson Reveals She’s Been Body-Shamed With Images of Naked Women: ‘You Need to Be Like This!’

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Kelly Clarkson's career is on fire right now, but she says there was a time when she felt that if she didn't change her body, she wouldn't be successful. In an open new interview with Glamor UK, the entertainer, using multiple dashes, revealed that front pages were actually shown to her by naked women in order to "force" them to adhere to arbitrary beauty standards.
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Clarkson spoke to Josh Smith from Glamor UK and remembered the time when she felt the most intense examination around her body. “I felt more pressure from people when I was skinny than when I was really skinny and not super healthy because I was just exhausted, just worked so hard and didn't keep healthy habits. But I felt more pressure. There were more magazines pushed in front of you and "That's what you're competing with and we have to compete with," she said, emphasizing, "Naked! There would be a naked chick on the cover. I'm not kidding, literally naked. "
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And while Clarkson doesn't think there's anything wrong with choosing a bare magazine cover ("It's a nice thing"), the context why the images were shown to her was clearly problematic. "I can't keep up with that. It is not even my image. I am not. It is they," she said. "We are all different and it is okay."
Clarkson says that she has long learned to stop this kind of noise and says, “Now I just go in and just look at her like, 'I dare you to say anything. I am happy in my life. I will work on myself in my time! "
Clarkson also used her music to explore and promote self-love, which speaks to in her new single "I Dare You". When asked how her relationship with it changed, she admitted that it was an ongoing work - an important one.
"Until you can love yourself and love who you are, I don't think you will be able to apply it to others," she said. "You're just holding back and risking nice relationships that you might have with people because you still haven't figured out your own harm."
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