Kelly Loeffler Wants to Counter Democrats’ Voter Registration Advantage with Greater Georgia

As a US Senate candidate last year, Kelly Loeffler saw the challenges: too many conservatives and right-to-center voters in Georgia are excluded from politics, and Democrats outperform Republicans in registering voters in the state.
As a businesswoman, she is committed to solving these problems.
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This week, Loeffler launched Greater Georgia Action Inc., a nonprofit that continuously aims to reach out and connect with Georgia voters to ensure that those voters have confidence in the state's elections, and ultimately More conservative Georgians register to vote to counter voter registration efforts by Democrats like Stacey Abrams.
Loeffler estimates that there are around 2 million unregistered potential voters in Georgia, around half of whom are conservative. Democrats, she said, outperform Republicans in registering new voters by about 7,500 a month. There have been no parallel voter registration efforts on the Republican side, a correction Loeffler is trying to make with Greater Georgia.
"We always talk about having a bigger tent in the Conservative movement, but the way it's done is to take the tent down every year or every election cycle and you don't put it back up until just before the next election "Loeffler tells National Review. "Our concept is to be more engaged, to go where ... potential voters are, to make sure they hear from us, that we are engaging them in different ways."
Greater Georgia emerged from the remnants of Loeffler's Senate campaign, which ended in a loss to Democrat Raphael Warnock in the January runoff election. Loeffler, a Georgia businesswoman who was named to the Senate by Governor Brian Kemp in December 2019, said she "certainly expected us to win the race." After her loss she had time to think. She focused her Senate farewell speech on being a voice for people who didn't feel like they had a voice in Washington DC and helping to make their lives better.
“I've been thinking about how we can help the Georgian voices to be heard. And by simply making sure that more voices are heard, that they understand that they have a role and that their voice does matter, ”says Loeffler, who grew up on her family's Illinois farm and then an extremely successful and lucrative one Careers in finance has built services.
Loeffler, whose net worth is estimated at over $ 800 million, invested more than $ 1 million in the founding of Greater Georgia and will serve as its chairman.
She says the group's efforts to identify and connect with new voters are driven by data and polls. She said the group will reach out to people in communities who may not traditionally vote Republicans but are open to the Conservative message, including Hispanic and black voters, as well as women. She says, "We're going to get out of the comfort zone."
"We'll be at festivals, trade shows, rodeos, and some nontraditional places where you may not have voter retention efforts," Loeffler says. "We'll go door-to-door. We'll reach out to people who need to hear their voice matters. We'll use text, email, and other technologies to make sure we're constantly engaged in social media."
Loeffler says she also wants Greater Georgia to help bridge the divide between different factions on the right. When Kemp called her in 2019 to take the Senate seat, he saw Loeffler as someone he believed could bring together the more moderate voters in the state's fast-growing suburbs and the country voters who made up much of former President Donald Trump's base made out.
"We need to use our energies to focus on what the Democrats are doing, what they have done, holding them accountable and pointing out the impact their policies have on the lives of Georgians," she says. “If we can put that energy into making sure we're communicating this, letting them know that they have a voice, that they can have their say and not focus on tearing each other down, I think we have tremendous opportunities for success in 2022 and Furthermore. "
As for 2022, Loeffler says she hasn't ruled out reclaiming her old seat from Warnock, but Greater Georgia is a top priority right now. Former Republican Senator David Perdue said this week that he wouldn't compete against Warnock after filing papers for a run earlier this month.
"I don't think we can be successful without deepening some of the problems we saw in 2022 and the runoff election," Loeffler said. “Really, my appeal to the civil service was to help Georgia grow and become even better than it is today. I think this is the starting point for my next step. And if this is my next step and nothing more after that, that's great. "
"But I will definitely leave the door open to public service in the future."
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