Kelly Ripa Reveals the Intimate Way Mark Consuelos “Takes Care” of Their Issues

Three children and 25 years later, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are still going strong.
The secret of their eternal marriage? "Love and sexy time," said Kelly, who revealed the physical way her husband always "coped with" problems.
On September 20, Mark guest-co-hosted their show Live With Kelly and Ryan and discussed with his wife the show Scenes From a Marriage, which explores "love, hate, desire, monogamy, marriage and divorce" "Said HBO.
"I figured none of this would ever happen to Mark Consuelos' household because he would have nipped it all in the bud," Kelly said of the marital turmoil they saw in episode two.
As she shared, “He would have said, 'Oh, you're upset? I know how to take care of it. Oh, you're not feeling good about something? I take care of it. Oh you 'do you feel overworked? I have you. I know what you need. '"
Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos' cutest family moments
She admitted: "Because for Mark everything is regulated with - everything is regulated with -" The audience laughed and Mark threw in "Love". Kelly added, "Love and sexy time."
Mark said, "Not everything. Not everything!" But she confirmed: "Pretty much almost everything."
Vivien Killilea / Getty Images
Suggested that the topic always be on the foreground for Mark, Kelly stated that he often thinks that couples on TV shows or movies would get together at a tense moment. "For example, when people are shot in Riverdale, the children have sex," he said defensively. "It's a human response."
Kelly claimed, "But Riverdale, we all agree, is one of the greatest CW softcore porn ever, which kind of airs at 8pm."
As Mark put it, "Listen, this is how I deal with stress."
Now that they're officially empty nests (after dropping youngest son Joaquin off in college), they need something to pass the time.
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