Kendall and Kylie Jenner Open Up About How Their Relationship With Caitlyn Changed After Her Transition

Five years ago, Caitlyn Jenner appeared publicly as a transgender woman on the cover of Vanity Fair. And while there was a first drama with Kim and Khloé Kardashian after Caitlyn (formerly Kris Jenners Ex) released her memoir The Secrets of My Life in 2017, peace has largely returned. For the fifth anniversary of Caitlyn's debut, the daughters of Caitlyn and Kris, Kendall and Kylie Jenner interviewed.
Kendall and Kylie talked extensively about how their relationship with Caitlyn is now and how things have changed after their transition to the better.
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"When my father came out as a transgender, our relationship grew," said Kendall. "She could finally be honest with me. We could talk about deep feelings that she felt during this time. When I was growing up, my father wasn't usually the one to talk about her feelings, so that was a big step for us. "
Kendall called himself "daddy's girl" and said their relationship grew stronger day by day. She has always looked up to Caitlyn and added: "Because of my father's courage, I learned to love what I love and not to be ashamed of it. She has been my role model from sport to her wisdom since I can remember. She is so brave and I strive to be as brave as she is someday. "
Kylie repeated Kendall's awe and said, "My father has always been an inspiration to me, from winning the gold medal at the Olympics to receiving her pilot's license. But it was the most inspiring of all to see her live."
Kylie spoke to Harper's Bazaar earlier this year about what their daily relationship looks like. "My father was the best one who grew up," she said. "I've never missed a sports game. Took us to school every day and our school was about 45 minutes from our house. “Kylie added that she speaks to Caitlyn like every day. Unless I couldn't talk to her for three or four weeks when she was doing this show. I'm a celebrity ... get me out of here! I've seen clips online. It was hard not to be in touch for so long, but I think it was more difficult for her because she couldn't see us. "
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