Kendrick Perkins blasts Kyrie Irving for 'causing unnecessary drama'

Kyrie Irving raised his eyebrows, as he likes to do, on Friday as he spoke out against the NBA's return plan in Orlando, Florida.
The former Boston Celtics security guard recently said when calling other players, according to The Athletic, "I don't support going to Orlando. I'm not systematic racism and that (explicit). Something smells a bit rotten."
This statement sparked a conversation about how the NBA should proceed, but also met Kendrick Perkins. The ex-C's tall man criticized Irving for his comments during an interview on CBS Sports Radio.
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"He's not a powerful voice; he's a popular voice," Perkins told DA Show. "There is a difference between powerful and popular. Powerful, you actually move the needle. Nobody listens to Kyrie. The NBA will go on. All he does is unnecessary drama between the NBA brothers that we don't do." need now.
"He's just making news and making a lot of noise for free because the NBA seasons are going to take place. LeBron James wants to play. Chris Paul wants to play. Russell Westbrook wants to play. Anthony Davis, Giannis - when you first voted for the NBA to come back , the vote was 28-0. Everyone wants to play. "
Although the NBA has a return plan for 22 teams, it is clear that there is still a lot to find out before the games begin. However, as Perkins notes, some of the league's biggest stars are hoping to return sooner rather than later, if that's certain.
As for Perkins tearing Irving apart, it should come as no surprise. After all, the big man of the Ex-C said in February: "Every time I think of this guy, I want to throw up."
One can say with certainty that this was one of those times.
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Kendrick Perkins beat up Kyrie Irving for "causing unnecessary drama," which originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

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