Kendrick Perkins: What changed with Kyrie Irving? NBA told him he couldn’t go to Disney World

A timeline:
May 26: After George Floyd's death, protests target racial justice (and continue to this day)
June 4: NBA owners approve season resumption with 22 teams at Disney World
June 5: Kyrie Irving, injured for the season, is reportedly interested in joining the Nets at Disney World to support his teammates
June 5: The National Basketball Players Association, which Irving counts as vice president, approves the restart format
June 10: Brian Windhorst of ESPN, who wrote a draft of how the NBA can be resumed in a bubble and is well connected across the league, says: "No, Kyrie, you are not going in there because he is the bottom line is this is to make it accessible to as few people as possible. "(Though it has been recognized that Brooklyn could push someone else from its limited travel group for Irving.)
June 12: Irving makes a video call to other players and says he is against resuming the game in Orlando
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Kendrick Perkins on "Golic and Wingo:"
What has changed in the past nine or ten days? What has changed, as far as I am firmly convinced and what I have heard, is that the NBA and the players' association Kyrie said no you cannot go.
I hope Perkins doesn't just take Irving's motivations. This is an important indictment to point out Irving's insincerity, who has reportedly identified systematic racism as a key element of his stance.
The NBA limits the number of people in the bladder, which is good for safety and bad for living standards. Players should take care of their working conditions throughout the season. Irving also deserves space to rethink its priorities.
But Irving and Lakers center Dwight Howard (at least Howard's testimony more than his agent's follow-up) doesn't sound like they're just making personal decisions. They seem to be proposing to players to band together to tackle racism. Other players should consider Irving and Howard's interests before following their lead.
Irving and Howard have career earnings far in excess of most players. For other players, the money earned from continuing to play can be transformative.
Even when fighting racism, players can use their spotlight to make a difference.
There are reasons to play. There are reasons not to play. But there are a number of considerations for players who weigh the competing arguments.
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