Kentucky Removed A Confederate Statue And An Old Bottle Of Bourbon Was Found Inside Of The Pedestal

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When workers removed a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis from the state capital in Kentucky, they discovered an old empty bottle of bourbon and a decade-old newspaper. Nothing like a drink and staying informed while at work, right?
Workers removed the statue in Frankfurt after the Kentucky Historic Real Estate Advisory Commission decided to dismantle it in response to the widespread request to remove symbols of racism and slavery. The base of the statue contained an empty bottle of Glenmore Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and an issue of the State Journal newspaper dated October 20, 1936, the day the statue was erected.
Michael Cadigan
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Here's a look at what Governor Andy Beshear pulled out of the hole after the Jefferson Davis statue was brought to the ground level of the rotunda @ SpectrumNews1KY
4:40 p.m. - June 13, 2020
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Sure enough, people reacted to the discovery on Twitter with jokes. One person asked if the bottle was originally full and another replied, "Jeff may have drunk it on the pedestal." Others said it was an intentional time capsule. Another person wrote: "As early as 1936, they needed whiskey to read the news."
Governor Andy Beshear

@ GovAndyBeshear
After requesting the removal and asking the Historical Real Estate Advisory Commission to act, I pressed the button today to shut it down. Now every child who enters his capitol feels welcome. Today we took a step forward to improve every single Kentuckian. ^ AB
6:56 p.m. - June 13, 2020
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On Twitter, Kentucky governor Andy Beshear said he "pressed the button to bring him down," and "now every child who comes to his capitol feels welcome." The statue will be brought to a historic Jefferson Davis State site, reports WLKY.
You just have to ask yourself whether the person who left these artifacts in the statue intentionally did it or forgot that they left them there. If the bottle of bourbon were filled, it would be pretty symbolic, for example, whoever left it knew that the people who take it off one day may need to drink something.
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