Kevin Costner Says His Marriage with Wife Christine Has Been Strengthened During Quarantine

It's the little moments that meant the most to Kevin Costner when he quarantined with his family during the coronavirus pandemic.
Married to Christine (46) since 2004, with whom he has sons Cayden (13) and Hayes (11) and daughter Grace (10). Costner (65) has adopted a new rhythm in his daily life. "I feel very comfortable with my family," he told PEOPLE in this week's issue. "I feel very comfortable with my children."
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NINA PROMMER / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock Kevin Costner and wife Christine with their children
More information from Kevin Costner can be found in this week's issue of PEOPLE on Friday at the kiosk
The actor, who returns from Paramount Network in the third season of his successful Western series Yellowstone, has also learned that he has very "normal" children. "I can feel how they work on me," he says with a laugh. "I can tell when they come to me what their mother has already said" No "to them."
Costner is also the father of four adult children (three from his first marriage and one from a previous relationship) and has improved his breakfast making skills. "It's the only meal I can handle," he says. Homeschooling is his wife's department.
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"I am computer illiterate," he admits. "I'm so thankful for Christine as a partner. Because they would look at me ... and I wouldn't be that type. And I want to be the type for the people who love me."
Kevin Costner with wife Christine
The actor, who is also a musician - his band Modern West releases a new album, Tales From Yellowstone - says that his marriage to Christine was strengthened during the pandemic. "Our partnership has really focused on what we do for each other and how we deal with our family," he says.
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It is also a relationship that he does not take for granted.
"Our house is like a river: you just have to get into the river," adds Costner, who also plays the main role in the upcoming thriller Let Him Go. "And whatever you thought, maybe it can still, but it has to work with what the day brings."

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