Kevin Durant: I didn’t take easy route to championship with Warriors

Kevin Durants Thunder lost to the Warriors in the 2016 Western Conference Final. That summer, Durant signed with Golden State. Durant and the Warriors won championships in 2017 and 2018.
Did Durant take the easy way out to get a ring?
Durant on the old man and the three:
What does that mean anyway?
I just never understood what that meant because I still come to work every day. I go through each rep at 100 percent speed. So I just don't get it.
And I played at the elite level in the greatest moments in the final. And I could understand if I wasn't playing well at all. But I played the best I could play for this team in both finals. I felt like I got up every day and stuck to an elite player standard and achieved it 98 percent of the time in training, games, and shootarounds.
So, yes, of course I deserved it.
Durant signed with Golden State for a number of reasons. He was sick of the Oklahoma City play style. He wanted to live in the Bay Area. He established a connection with Draymond Green.
But Durant absolutely took the easy route to a ring.
Durant has previously tried to downplay this act, saying he would not have signed with the Warriors if they had won the title in 2016. But they weren't your typical non-champions. They won a title in 2015 and 73 games in 2015/16. They still had Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and Andre Iguodala in their prime numbers. Golden State would have been favored for 2017 even without Durant's signing.
Of course, the favorites don't win as often as people think. Every championship is earned.
Durant worked hard when he joined the warriors. Not only did he ride the coattails of his new teammates. Durant won the NBA Finals MVP in 2017 and 2018.
But Durant never fought and fought his way over the hump. He joined a championship level team and turned it into a super team. Relatively, he had an easy path to the title.
Whether or not that played a prominent role in his decision to sign with Golden State, it would be okay for him to admit it.
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