Kevin Feige's Acknowledgement of This MCU Fan Theory Will Open Up a Can of Worms

Here at Esquire we love ourselves a good fan theory. We really do. But at the speed at which we see Redditors and YouTubers and your nerdy brother messing up these things, it's like having a cheesecake factory for dinner every night. Everything is good! But you've had the Celebration Cheesecake for 15 days in a row and your vital organs aren't really working when drowning in whipped cream and birthday sprinkles.
All we're saying is that the great Fan Theory Machine is taking a break between Loki and What ... If? that will appear in mid-August. But it is not. Not now, never. On Monday night, Marvel boss Kevin Feige hosted a watch party for Black Widow. And of course he couldn't help but open a can of shit. A fan tweeted on the Marvel Studios Twitter account asking when we will see Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who appeared at the end of Black Widow. Feige answered the question in the affirmative, of course - but he couldn't help but introduce a random fan theory into the conversation while he was at it:
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"We are 100% in agreement," wrote Feige. “All of us at Marvel Studios are excited to have @OfficialJLD on the MCU. Did you know that the TVA logo spells VAL on the top? Neither do we until someone pointed it out on Twitter! "
Kevin, my husband - why are you opening this can of theory worms? If anyone knows how much even a throwaway joke like this would ignite the fires on Reddit, it's Feige. Now fans are likely to speculate that JLD is kind of a variant of Kang. We know Marvel is starting to troll fans, starting with a big, bold Mephisto reference in the first episode of Loki. God help us when Feige makes it a habit to participate. Let us rest.
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