KFC customer 'humiliated' following drive-thru stunt: 'It's downright disgusting'

The concept of a drive-through is simple because everything is in the name: you drive through and pick up your food without having to get out of the car or wait in the restaurant.
However, one man says that KFC "humiliated" him and refused to serve him, even though he technically followed the transit rules even though he wasn't in a car.
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Ian Bell travels to the British city of Carlisle to work there. His pony Jon Jon makes the 20-mile trip every day without incident - until Bell and Jon Jon tried on the way home to pick up something to take away from KFC.
"A manager came out and said," We can't serve you. We can't, ”Bell told the BBC. "I felt humiliated. For me it is downright disgusting how we are treated in such places. You should let us through. "
Bell claims that other fast food chains - including a nearby McDonald's - have allowed him to pick up food with Jon Jon. According to Bell, KFC discriminates against "members of the travel community".
"We will not cause any problems. I would like to apologize to you and change your policies," said Bell.
KFC insists that for safety reasons they are not allowed to allow horse-drawn carriages in their transit lines.
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The Post-Man, which was rejected by KFC Drive-Thru for unusual transportation options, first appeared on In The Know.

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