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TikTokers cringe over how a group of kids disrupted a wedding ceremony.
User @19childfree91 reacted to footage of a ceremony in progress. As the bride and groom looked ready to spend a moment, they were interrupted by a noisy group of children.
"Pov: You didn't want kids at your wedding," read the video caption.
The bridal couple had their grand entrance. They were ready to walk down a red carpet when a bunch of kids rushed in. The crowd of children ran right in front of the couple to cross the red carpet. The bride and groom stood and waited for the chaos to end before continuing.
Meanwhile, @19childfree91 on site just shook his head in horror. People shared their thoughts on the matter in the comments.
"I would absolutely lose my mind," said one user.
“I mean, children are people too. my nephews' were important to me at my wedding," one person wrote.
"As someone who has a child, if someone told me they were going to have a child free marriage, I would either not go or I would find appropriate care for my child," commented another.
"Got into an argument that people without children shouldn't be forced to represent someone with children," added one.
"Where the hell were the parents?" asked a TikToker.
The kids' post-crash wedding as the bride and groom make their grand entrance: "I'd Absolutely Lose My Mind" appeared first on In The Know.
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