Kim Kardashian Has Been "Emotional" About Divorce, Felt Kanye Was "Not Willing to Do the Hard Work"

From Cosmopolitan
Kim Kardashian has just made the decision to file for divorce from Kanye West and the end of their marriage has reportedly been an emotional experience for her. A source tells People that Kim spent the past weekend with her family, saying, "Even though Kim and Kanye have been apart for months, Kim was still emotional about actually filing for divorce. She spent the weekend getting up Taking care of herself and her children. She spends time with her mother, sisters and has not worked. Everyone supports her. Kim feels very happy to be surrounded by her large family. "
Apparently, Kim is “disappointed” that she and Kanye “couldn't figure out how to stay married,” and while there's no drama between them, a source said, “It takes two people to create a happy marriage. Kim feels Kanye is unwilling to make hard work and compromise. "
As for Kanye's feeling, a source previously told the point of sale, "He knew it was coming, but that doesn't make it any easier. This is a gloomy day for him." Apparently, Kanye is speaking to counselors and counselors to help manage the split. The source says, "It's tough for him and he's not happy, but he has come to terms with reality."
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