Kim Kardashian Just Wore a Waist-Length Ponytail Braid With an Epic Twist

If you keep up with Kim Kardashian and her ever-changing hair look, you'll know that she's a huge fan of super-long styles and dramatic updos - just like her husband, Chris Appleton, who just gave the beauty mogul a fascinating ponytail braid that combines both aesthetics.
True to Appleton's style, the look had to make a serious statement. Instead of giving Kardashian just one braid, he gave her two - both within the same ponytail. The Los Angeles-based barber shared the stunning look on his Instagrram titled "What's Better Than 1 Braid ... 2", which he had comments like "TRUE", "BEFORE ??? ???? ??, "and" Yep yep yep yep ??????. "
The founder of KKW Beauty was spotted wearing a braided haristyle on her own Instagram post on Saturday expressing her support for the Armenia Fund - an organization that helps those with access to food, shelter, medical care and more need more on the current crisis there.
It's very likely that Appleton used extensions for Kardashian here, considering how much hair it took to create each braid. Plus, the reality star is a regular wearer of extensions as she loves to go for ultra-long styles (this look serves as further evidence), which only makes sense.
Some may recall that Appleton gave Jennifer Lopez a similar - if even longer - braided ponytail that came down to the floor. That, and he did Ariana Grande's hair in a comparable way too, but her ponytail braid was much higher on her head.
It goes without saying, but Appleton has created tons of memorable hair looks on Kardashian and this is no exception.
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Finished reading? Now, watch as Chris Appleton breaks down Kim Kardashian's most iconic hair looks:
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