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King Charles III with Prince Harry and Prince William in 1994. Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images
Royal expert Katie Nicholl said Harry and William wore suits to breakfast as children.
She said Charles banned jeans and sneakers when they came to him after his split from Diana.
Diana, meanwhile, took her to McDonald's, the movies and amusement parks.
After their parents' very public split, Prince William and Prince Harry began dividing their time between the royal estates that King Charles and Princess Diana called home.
And according to royal reporter Katie Nicholl, Charles and Diana had very different parenting styles.
In her book, The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth's Legacy and the Future of the Crown, out October, Nicholl describes what life was like for the two young princes after Charles and Diana split.
"In the mid-1990s, Charles and Camilla carried out their love affair behind closed doors, careful not to be photographed together," Nicholl wrote. "The Prince divided his time between St James's Palace and Highgrove, where he could be close to his mistress. Diana lived at Kensington Palace while William and Harry vacillated between all three households and school."
Staying with their father, Harry and William "enjoyed country activities such as shooting and stalking," and their nanny allowed them to enjoy "the fresh air, an airgun, and a horse," Nicholl wrote.
Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry and their nanny Tiggy Legge-Bourke make their way to the Balmoral Estate on August 17, 1993.Julian Parker/UK Press via Getty Images
But it remained a formal affair. Ken Wharfe, Diana's former protection officer, told Nicholl that he always saw the boys in Turnbull & Asser suits.
"Charles wouldn't let them wear jeans and sneakers to breakfast," Wharfe said. "He had an almost Victorian attitude to such things."
Life at Kensington Palace was very different, where Nicholl said the boys enjoyed fast food and fewer rules.
"With her mom, on the other hand, they went to the movies and restaurants, grabbed the occasional burger at McDonald's, played tennis, and went to theme parks," she wrote.
Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry visit Thorpe Park in 1993.Julian Parker/UK Press via Getty Images
Paul Burrell, Diana's former butler, previously told The Mirror that the Princess of Wales and her two sons often "went to McDonald's for a Big Mac and fries before coming back to see 'Blind Date'".
Diana also loved eating pizza with her boys at Da Mario, her favorite pizzeria, which is still open today in the Kensington area of ​​London.
"She was always coming in, and it's well known that the boys' favorite food was pizza, so they'd sneak in and enjoy our pizzas," Marco Melino, whose father opened Da Mario, told The Society of British & International Interior Design im year 2021.
After Diana's death in 1997, Nicholl said the rules in Charles' household had become lax — and the teens often played up.
King Charles accompanied his sons on a skiing holiday in the spring of 2000. Tim Graham/Getty Images
"With a busy work schedule and Camilla now a top priority in his personal schedule, Charles relied too much on William and Harry to take care of himself," Nicholl wrote.
William and Harry started Club H in Highgrove, where they threw parties for their friends, and Harry drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes at an inn near the house when he was just 17, she added.
"The boys wanted their independence and they probably had too much of it," an unnamed former aide told Nicholl. "Often when they wanted to speak to their father, he wasn't there... When they needed him, they ended up calling his protection officers so they could speak to him, which wasn't ideal."
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Charles, Prince of Wales
King of the United Kingdom since 2022
Diana, Princess of Wales
member of the British royal family; first wife of Prince Charles (1961–1997)
William, Prince of Wales
Elder son and heir to Charles III of the United Kingdom
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