Klobuchar Fumes During Barrett Hearing: ‘This Isn’t Donald Trump’s Country’

Senator Amy Klobuchar made very clear her disgust at Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearings on Monday, reminding voters with her opening speech, "This is not Donald Trump's country."
Klobuchar called the hearing "a sham," just as Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse called it "slapdash" and an "irresponsible botch" when it was his turn to speak.
"Let me tell you a political secret," said the former presidential candidate, appealing directly to Americans who might be able to watch the hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee. “I doubt it will be a brilliant cross-examination that will change this judge's trajectory this week. No, it's you. They call Republican senators and tell them enough is enough, tell them it's personal, say them that their priorities are wrong, so do it. "
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She railed against her Republican counterparts for continuing the hearing amid the coronavirus pandemic and during an election year. President Donald Trump nominated Barrett last month after the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, despite her widespread final wish that the nomination take place after the upcoming election.
“You vote even if they try to do whatever it takes to stop you. Instead of crying for defeat, you create your own blueprint for the future. So do it. This is not Donald Trump's country. It is yours. This shouldn't be Donald Trump's judge. It should be yours, ”she concluded.
See below via CBS News:
Amy Klobuchar says the only thing that can change Barrett's hearings is the American people: "They call Republican senators and tell them enough is enough, tell them it's personal, tell them their priorities are wrong. So do it You it "https: //t.co/uScvfX9o80 pic.twitter.com/O2yTFqMocy
- CBS News (@CBSNews) October 12, 2020
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