Kremlin takes aim at Boris Johnson after he is forced out, saying he 'really doesn't like Russia, and we don't like him either'

Ousted British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Russian President Vladimir Putin.Justin Tallis; Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images
Putin's top spokesman said Boris Johnson "really doesn't like Russia, we don't like him either".
The sting came shortly after it was announced that Johnson would step down as British Prime Minister on Thursday.
The British government has pledged nearly $4.6 billion in military aid to Ukraine.
The Kremlin turned the knife shortly after learning Boris Johnson would step down as Britain's prime minister, according to Russian state media.
The TASS news agency reported on statements by President Vladimir Putin's top spokesman, Dmitry Peskov: "Johnson really doesn't like Russia, we don't like him either."
Johnson agreed to step down Thursday morning, insiders confirmed, after multiple outlets broke the news. It came after dozens of ministers resigned and said they no longer had faith in his leadership after several scandals.
The UK is in a "widening crisis of government," Peskov said, adding that Russia "wants professionals who understand the importance of dialogue to solve problems to one day come to power in Britain."
Johnson formed a high-profile allegiance with Ukraine over the Russian invasion, meeting twice with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and speaking regularly on the phone. By the end of June, the UK government had provided £3.8 billion ($4.5 billion) worth of military assistance to Ukraine.
In his resignation speech at 10 Downing Street, Johnson pledged Britain would continue to help.
When Johnson survived a leadership challenge in early June, Zelenskyy said it was "great news," Politico reported.
In the final weeks of his tenure, British commentators have hinted that Johnson was using his friendship with Zelenskyy - a popular domestic concern - to gain political support.
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