Kristin Cavallari Sounds Off on "Love Triangle" Rumors Involving Southern Charm 's Craig and Austen

Kristin Cavallari is not interested in repeating history.
The Laguna Beach star used to suffer heartbreak after she and co-star Lauren Conrad argued over the boy next door, Stephen Colletti. It was the absolute definition of a love triangle, with messy breakups on top of that.
Fast forward, more than a decade later, and fans are starting to speculate that Kristin is in another tricky position. This time around, Kristin's followers believe she is the woman who is being fought for, with Craig Conover and Austen Kroll of Southern Charm doing everything they can to impress the designer of Uncommon James.
That being said, Kristin denies there's any unboxing drama, stating on her Instagram story, "I haven't been in a love triangle since high school."
According to the mother of three, the rumor has been around for almost a year, although she "hasn't dated anyone for a few months".
Review of Kristin Cavallari's Star Studded Dating History
Without naming Austen or Craig, she said, “These two guys I've been connected with for the last year are my friends. That's it. I've never dated any of them date with any of them. "
Kristin Cavallari
She also pointed out that it is possible for a grown woman to be friends with a grown man while hanging out with two single men.
The Very Cavallari star added that she "actually really enjoyed" not being in a relationship, which she emphasized by underlining her video with the headline "Single and Loving".
Kristin then asked her followers to be careful with gossip, as it is primarily for "entertainment" purposes. "It's like a giant phone game," she said. “So remember that what you read is not always true. Maybe there is a bit of truth, but all the details are messy. "
Kristin Cavallari, Austen Kroll, Craig Conocer, Justin Anderson
Austen and Craig didn't comment publicly on the speculation, but Austen previously churned the pot when he said Kristin slipped into Craig's DMs last year. At the time, Kristin's BFF Justin Anderson denied the conversation, posting on Instagram that he was the one who introduced Kristin to the boys.
"I was a fan of our new friends Craig and Austen and we went to Charleston and met with them ... I pushed for friendship," said the celebrity hair colorist. "Kristin was there and no one has dates or flirted. Four adults who are friends. Let's move on."
Kristin and Austen later confirmed Justin's version of the events on the Pillows and Beer podcast, with The Hills reality star doubling down on her claim that it was "never flirty".
Since then, the foursome has continued to hang out and document their meetings for all to see, damn it.
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