Kudlow: Trump has approved ‘revised’ stimulus package

Reports indicate that a new stimulus agreement is on the negotiating table in the White House, with President Trump already approving a "revised" stimulus package. This comes when Nancy Pelosi and Steven Mnuchin have conversations. Yahoo Finance's Jess Smith joins the Final Round panel to hear the latest happenings in Washington D.C.
Video transcript
- Let's make it clear what happens to stimuli. If you are confused, you are not alone. Jess Smith of ... will clarify to all of us what is happening in Washington, DC
So Jess, there is a lot to do with the stimulus. Where are we now
JESS SMITH: It's definitely a lot to try to keep up with. Things have gone back and forth. These conversations went on and off throughout the week. But we do know Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Speaker Pelosi had a meeting today. You spoke for about 30 minutes this afternoon. And Secretary Mnuchin made another offer. This offer is reportedly for a $ 1.8 trillion package.
Larry Kudlow referred to the offer in an interview today and said the president signed the bill. However, Pelosi says of her spokesman that she still has concerns that there is no agreement on how to destroy the virus, as she says. There are also concerns about some other provisions.
And they still haven't agreed on a top line number. You will recall that the Democrats wanted to see a package of $ 2.2-2.4 trillion. This new Republican offer, supposedly $ 1.8 trillion, is a step up, but there's still a loophole.
And you have to think about what the Senate Republicans are going to approve. You will remember when Majority Leader Mitch McConnell presented his plan earlier that summer, that was $ 1 trillion, and there were several Republicans who said they would not support him because it was too much money. So it will be difficult to get her on board with $ 1.8 trillion. And we still don't know if the House Democrats will accept that.
So the negotiators will continue to work over the weekend. We expect them to work next week. We need to keep an eye on what they are saying and whether they can make progress in the days ahead.
- And Jess, in the coming days we expect President Trump to return to campaign. It had previously been reported that he would be back this weekend. Now it looks like that has been pushed back. Where is it?
JESS SMITH: You know, we're not quite sure yet. We'll have to see what the White House decides and what the Trump campaign decides. President Trump has said he wants to go on the campaign right now. He said he was ready for it. He doesn't think he's contagious anymore. And he had a memo from his doctor that he could get back to public engagements by this weekend. So we'll see what the campaign decides here.
We know that you will not have the debate on Tuesday, that the Commission has announced that it will switch to a virtual debate. Now Vice President Biden only answers questions from people in a town hall. The president has said that he would rather hold a rally instead. So we'll see if we can get more clarity about these plans over the weekend.
- It will be a busy weekend no matter what. Jess Smith with the latest details from Washington.

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